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To few minutes of the Fonte, it can experience pleasant sensations in sinfín of coves (some in rewarding stroll from the house, like the one of Portizuelo, frequented long ago by the Nobel prize D. Severe Ochoa) and impressive cliffs; paradisíacas and almost desert beaches even in summer (Natural Reserve Beach of Barayo); to which there is to add numerous colorful towns (Cadavedo, Brieves, Fertile valley Port,…).

To few kilometers, mountains, forests, valleys and rivers, that with their villages, conform impassible natural places to the passage of time, in which they conjugate history (castros celtas, Roman gold mines,…), culture (Vaqueiros de Alzada, ethnography in Taramundi-Oscos,…), traditions (Museum of the Forest, religious fervor of the people of the sea, showed in Easter, “saleo” of the Virgin, floral carpets of the Corpus, etc.,), Indiana architecture (present in most of the coastal towns) and popular (river basin of river ESVA and the Navia river,…), gastronomy, etc., in perfect comunión; to which one is added varied supply of activities of active tourism. For complete days, the fan of the possibilities is opened completely, with as suggestive destinies as the Natural Reserve Laughs of the Eo, the Natural Park of Somiedo, Integral the Natural Reserve of Muniellos (it mentions previous), the Protected Landscape of the Mountain ranges of Carondio and Valledor, or anyone of numerous Natural Monuments in form of millenarian trees, sickles or throats, cascades, etc.


They can count on all the information and advising (also in English) that the hosts will facilitate to them so that their time of leisure is totally beneficial. In this sense, our Guests have a service of excursions and visits guided in our vehicle monovolume of 7 seats + 1 conductor-guide, to any place of mentioned and/or the any other that can interest to them. With this vehicle also the transfer of Guests is made from/to the airport, station of train or bus.

Our car Atalaya of Luarca


We have a simple library where it will find a good sample of documentation and “native” bibliography, in addition to diverse entertainment and dinner services.


They have to its disposition bicycles, patinetes, table of ping-pong, petanca, traditional games like “the frog”, games of field and toys several.


"Feel the Gold Rush and take home your treasure"

"Laughter Therapy"

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Also, it is a crossing site of the Way of Santiago. The oldest route of jacobea peregrination, the Route of the Coast, winds by all coast between the Deva river, to the east and the Eo river, to the West. This long-haul approaches and it moves away successively of the sea and it is linking in his to run sand beaches fine, ample estuaries and rivers, small water streams I am transparent and evocative names, coastal mountain ranges from which the practical totality of the marine villas of Asturias is enjoyed splendid panoramic views and, where history and the art combine with folclore and the varied gastronomy. Villas in which the track of the jacobeo follows in the houses and chapels of its old hospitals still indelible for travelling, in the invocations and local images of its churches and chapels and in the traditions and celebrations.

Route of the travelling one

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